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I wore this Bright Color Spring Outfit with Jeans the other day just around the house (where else would I go?). I liked it because it wasn’t athleisure but it was still really comfortable. The white jeans were last year’s from Chico’s and were called the “so slimming girlfriend slim leg crop”. I loved them so much I bought a pair for my Chicago and my California house!

Bright Color Spring Outfit with Jeans

They were 61% cotton, 29% rayon, 8% polyester and 2% spandex. I know that combination sounds like a chemistry experiment, but boy are they comfy and they wash like a dream, even with the fun tasseled fringe! I went on Chico’s site just now and saw a similar pair, cleverly named the “Brigitte fringe-hem slim crops”. I just love trim, pompoms, tassels, etc. I think such details really add to the interest in a look.

Here’s a rearview because when you buy jeans, it’s important to check rear pocket placement. These pockets hit right in the middle of my butt cheek and I think that looks flattering. Sometimes pockets are too low (looks like your butt is sliding off your body) or too far to the outside of your hip (looks widening), etc. So before you buy a pair of jeans, take a selfie and see if you think it looks right.

Also, I usually go up a size with white jeans so that they’re not too tight or transparent. Never worry about the number on a size, just concern yourself about the fit. Buy the size that fits the largest part of you. So if that’s your butt for example, buy what fits and if that means you have to alter the pants to fit your waist, so be it.

That way you’ll LOVE your new jeans because they’ll really fit YOU. I frequently have to have darts placed in the waist of my pants so they fit smoothly. It’s an inexpensive alteration that really makes my pants fit well. In my book it’s worth altering nice clothes to fit “just right” rather than going out and buying something else that just fits “okay”. Going to the cleaners or seamstress isn’t anywhere as much fun as going shopping, but when you know everything you own really fits you well, it’s a lot more fun getting dressed every day. Just saying…

Back to this outfit. I paired the white pants with a new Loft top that is bit drapey with a soft V-neck. It’s sleeveless with a small floral design in an unusual color combination. The background is dark navy, and the flowers are bright turquoise, moss green, white, red and chartreuse green. Doesn’t that color scheme sound weird?

But for some reason, it really works! I love bright colors and the chartreuse color perfectly matches my (old) cotton V-neck J.Crew factory outlet cardigan. This ensemble happened by accident when I was organizing my closet last week for the “closet clean-up blog”. The sweater was right next to the top and I was surprised to see how well they worked together. Then when looking for a spot to take the photo, I happened upon my fun front door Easter egg wreath which also had these tones in it! Who knew?!

My earrings are old turquoise blue sea glass from a cute shop in Door County, Wisconsin. My silver beaded bracelets are old and from Evereve. My very cozy gold sandals zip closed in the back for ease of wear and are from Adam Tucker. I supplied the link for this sandal in a nude colored nubuck as they appear to have run out of the gold. I frequently wear nude colored sandals as they are very versatile and elongate your legs as they blend in with your skin tone.

Since Spring is trying to spring, I thought I would try and trot out a Bright Color Spring Outfit with Jeans. Do you think it worked? Stay tuned because I thought I would do a tour of my California home over the next few days so you can hopefully get some ideas for your home.

Oh one more thing, since we’re all sheltering in place and reading our favorite (ahem) blogs, would you please forward my blog to any friends, family or coworkers that you think would enjoy it? I would so appreciate this!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Dr. Julie

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