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I love to decorate for fall. Not just Halloween, but the fall season as it’s so colorful and the best part is that any items used can stay up for up to three months. I put my things up in early September and they stay in place until Black Friday! I know Christmas decorating is a huge part of that season but fall pumpkins, gourds, etc. are actually on display for a longer period of time. And since there’s no big present buying or elaborate meal preparation in the autumn, just putting up these pillows, garlands, and candy corn items is much more relaxing. Any thing goes and I find that each year I do things a little differently. I store all my year of decorations in an unfinished storage space in my basement and just poke into the various boxes as the spirit moves me. Here’s what I did this year.

The opening photo is a silk arrangement that I made several years ago. The big silver urn was from Pottery Barn and the flowers were all from a silk flower shop in Door County, Wisconsin. I just store the whole arrangement “as is” in my store room until September rolls around. Here are some similar flowers, here, here,





In my great room, I have two built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace. On the top of these I put bright orange leave garlands. On the shelves I pop in small faux pumpkins. I like using the fake ones because there’s no risk of them decaying and possibly damaging the surfaces. On the couch and loveseat, I have Pottery Barn pumpkin pillows as well as a paisley one from there as well. I like Pottery Barn pillows because they’re sold in standard sizes as pillow covers. This way whenever I switch them out for a different season, I just have to change the covers, not the whole pillow. The solid orange pillows are from Homegoods. Here are some very similar pumpkin pillows.




In the kitchen, I continued the orange garlands atop the cabinets. On Black Friday, I take these down and on some years I switch out evergreen ones then for Christmas. On the island I have Crate and Barrel glass hurricanes with cream pillar candles. Then I have a silk arrangement consisting of silk sunflowers, blue delphinium, and orange poppies. Again I store this intact all the rest of the year in the basement. Lastly on the kitchen counters, I have glass cannisters with rooster lids that I fill in the fall with nuts, candy corn, and small pumpkins. Here are similar rooster lidded cannisters. Here are the artificial pumpkins for the cannister.




In the dining room, I have basket of silk hydrangeas on the table as well as a pumpkin soup tureen in the hutch. Here is a similar one. In addition, I place mini faux pumpkins on the shelves to continue the fall imagery.



In the powder room, I hang a fall hand towel and display disposable ones in a silver tray. The curio cabinet has little roosters, pumpkins, silk leaves and a few farm animals for fun.


In my screened in porch, I have cute sunflower pillows and a large dried gourd (that was a gift from my sweet neighbor, Heather).

So there you have it! All kinds of fall inspired ideas. I have collected these over the years and really enjoy the bright accents all around my home. I hope you enjoyed my house tour. Please let me know if you have any questions as well as tell me what fun things you do at your home. I know some of the silk decorations might seem a bit costly, but truly, when amortized over multiple years, they’re a great value.

Happy Decorating!


Dr. Julie

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