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valentines day table scape

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. I know, I know Super Bowl Sunday is one week before that, but I wanted to post this tablescape because several of the items might be out of stock if you wait too long.

When I decorate for Valentine’s Day, I like to use red, white and pink which is no surprise. So I started with my bare dining room table. It’s actually 6 feet across so it’s great for social distancing! I’m a big fan of tea parties, so that’s what I showed. You however could use most of the items shown at a more typical holiday dinner or even a dessert party.

How to: Valentine’s Day Tablescape

My first addition to the bare table was this darling tablecloth loaded with hearts!!! Here’s a very similar one as mine is already sold out!

valentines day tablescape

I frequently place my tablecloths on a diagonal because I like the look and it allows me to use smaller tablecloths than my actual table. Next I layered on four red cotton placemats. I think a layered table looks rich and interesting. Red is a useful color for table linens because it works for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all of the patriotic holidays. I then placed these great red water goblets that are very sturdy and look gorgeous with candle light! The champagne flutes are from Crate and Barrel.

In the photo above I added white Crate and Barrel plates and white cotton napkins. In the center of the table I have two, three-tiered cake stands on which I will place the finger sandwiches and desserts. Interestingly, I actually use these stands the rest of the year as jewelry organizers for my earrings, bracelets, and watches.

Here I added a pink paper doily (which really brought me back to those Valentine’s Day cards I used to make…) Next, I added white ceramic tea bag holders, Crate and Barrel mugs and flatware, and a darling red polka dot tea pot from Homegoods!

For the final steps, I added a white Crate and Barrel dessert plate, with a red ornament in the center. I placed eight clear votives on the table and lastly, I had little heart-shaped bud vases that I bought last year from the now (sadly) closed Amanda’s tea room (I miss you Barbara!). Instead of the heart-shaped ones, these will work and to make it more fun, add red bows to the vases and cake stands.

So folks, there you have it. A lovely Valentine’s Day table for a very fun tea party. Let me know in the comments below how you celebrate this LOVEly holiday!

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Dr. Julie

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